What Is Aspergers?
I have put together a short video which features 26 young people from around the world with Aspergers (with names from A-Z) which highlights their positive and amazing qualities.

The aim of this video is to help raise the profile of children with Aspergers around the world and outline the unique and positive qualities that each and every child has.

So please share this video (via email, Facebook, Twitter or any other way you can) with friends, colleagues, autism organisations  and anyone else that you feel may be interested.

I hope that you enjoy it…

I was fortunate enough to have over 100 parents submit photos and stories about their children with Aspergers… But I could only feature 26 of them on the video.

So I’ve put together a downloadable special report with ALL of these stories, as well as a helpful short guide for understanding more about Aspergers which you can download by clicking here

(And again please feel free to share this report with anyone who may be interested in it)

Dave Angel

P.S. - You can also like the Aspergers Children Facebook page and comment on the video below if you’re a Facebook User…